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There are a number of speakers bureaus out there, but only one provides dyed-in-the-wool outdoorsmen and women for your event: Outdoor Speakers Bureau.  But wait.  There is more!


Our Service Cost You Nothing

As in zero; zilch; nada.  Why?  Because our fee is paid by the speakers. Why would a speaker pay a fee rather than deal directly you might ask? Because it makes good business sense.  OSB handles everything.   From contracting and scheduling to travel arrangements to coordinating issues on the “day of,” handling details is often difficult for a busy speaker. That is why they use OSB.  Also, they know if they are a good speaker, we will recommend them to our other clients.

One Less Thing for You to Worry About

After getting to know more about your group and event, OSB will provide you list of likely speakers, with bios, photos, topics and fee information. You look at the pre-screened choices and most of the time, you will find the speaker that is right for your event!  Once you have made your selection, we take it from there, making all of the arrangements to ensure a stress-free event.

In the Event of Emergency…

Sometimes the unexpected happens and if it does, OSB is ready to help resolve most emergencies.  Cancelled flights; inclement weather; illness or a last-minute cancellation; just the thought of these keep meeting planners up at night.  But OSB is ready for almost any eventuality.  From back-up flights to providing a last minute replacement speaker, our network and knowledge will be there for you to make sure your event comes off as smoothly as possible. 

Why Use OSB?

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