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Joe Hosmer lives on a ranch in Hunt, Texas with his wife Sandy and their three bird dogs.  However in June you'll find them packing up to head for Northern New Hampshire where the stay until the leaves fall and well into grouse and woodcock season.  Then back south for quail and into the plains for pheasants. 


Growing up on a farm in Vermont, Joe was raised with a first hand knowledge and appreciation for nature, conservation and sustainable use. He has been at the forefront of wildlife conservation advocacy for decades, particularly within the global hunting community.  


Of note, Hosmer has testified before the U.S. Congress regarding the benefits of International Wildlife funding, as well as presenting to the European Union's wildlife committee about CITES matters.  He has addressed a formal U.S. Congressional breakfast meeting about the African poaching crisis and as such has been the guest of honor at the Botswana Embassy in Washington, D.C. He has usually presided over the African Wildlife Consultative Forum (AWCF) since 2006. The AWCF is a multinational forum that brings Government leaders, political and scientific agencies, NGOs, United Nations, CITES, Professional Hunter Associations and other wildlife stakeholders together to collaborate on current wildlife matters.











When hunting was closed in Tajikistan, Hosmer joined a team of PhDs of Wildlife Biology, as a Wildlife Economist and made several trips to Tajikistan. He joined the biologists in the field as well as lead negotiations with the office of that country’s President. Together they successfully reopened the sustainable-use hunting of Marco Polo sheep. 

Hosmer has left his mark in both his vocational and avocational endeavors .   Through his work as founder and CEO of the telecom engineering firm Mountain LTD, Hosmer was inducted into both the Telephone and National Assoc. of Personal Services Halls of Fame .  In various periods of his life, Joe was a Standardbred Race Horse trainer/driver; a Professional (AMA) motorcycle road racer; taught rock climbing and mountaineering; and crossed the Himalayas on a Triumph motorcycle in 2013.


Today, Joe is directly involved with the leadership of:  Pheasants Forever & Quail Forever, CAMPFIRE Trust of Zimbabwe, and Safari Club International Foundation. He was recently honored as the recipient of the most prestigious SCI honor;  the Hall Of Fame award for his dedication, achievements and efforts in worldwide conservation.

Joe Hosmer

Available for:  Keynote; Seminars 

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Merits Of Sustainable Use Hunting

Conservation - Follow The Money

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