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                “In person, Michael Bane is quick, brilliant and devastatingly funny…”

                    — Boulder (CO) Weekly


"Unique” may be an overused word, but it is the only word to describe the spectacular career of Michael Bane


Television personality, award-winning producer, best-selling author, “Godfather” of extreme sports, motivational speaker, competition shooter, big game hunter, nationally famous rock critic, business consultant, even “professional adventurer” — Michael Bane has, indeed, been there; done that, and got the tee shirt!


Beginning with SHOOTING GALLERY on Outdoor Channel, Bane has redefined outdoor sports television. SG, now in its 18th season, is the most successful shooting show ever. THE BEST DEFENSE, created by Bane a decade ago, is the only television show with “saves,” people who credit their lives to the information they got from TBD. GUN STORIES WITH JOE MANTEGNA, another Bane project, is the recipient of numerous awards and has been called the single best firearms show ever produced.


Bane’s nineteenth book, Over the Edge: A Regular Guy’s Odyssey in Extreme Sports, helped trigger the adventure sports craze and sent Bane around the world in search of amazing adventures, which  used the Wall Street Journal to ask, “How did Michael Bane become the George Plimpton from Hell?”


Those adventures including climbing big mountains, scuba diving into flooded cave systems and to depths far beyond the reach of recreational divers. He’s jumped off mountains, raced bicycles downhill at breathtaking speeds, kayaked big rivers — “Like the log flume ride at an insane amusement park,” he says. Those adventures have been chronicles in magazines like Men’s Journal, Men’s Fitness, National Geographic Adventure and many others. The adventures became so well known that one business magazine referred to Bane as, “The Lord High God of Risk Management.”


In one of his many “other lives,” Bane has been a “ghost” for various country music singers—Living Proof, the Hank Williams Jr. story, went on to become a top-ten television movie as well as a successful book.


His book on the complex relationship between music, culture and race, White Boy Singing The Blues, recently received this review from an academic journal: “The genuinely eerie aspect about Bane’s study is his ability to conjure the Southerner’s perspective of mystery, fear, danger and suspicion that continues to shroud race relations in the United States...This book matches the very best analyses of rock music ever produced.”


Bane took the lessons of Over the Edge and created his book Trail Safe on risk, risk management and chaos theory. Civilian and military trainers have called the book, “The best description of how the mind works under potentially lethal stress ever put to paper.”


Bane has traveled with Willie Nelson, been a “guest terrorist” for the Ft. Benning Ranger Battalion, edited magazines on topics as diverse as country music, self-esteem and beer. He has swam the shark-infested waters from Alcatraz to the mainline — 3 times — written on American manufacturing processes, gone to cooking school, hung out with Silicon Valley legends and trained with the most respected firearms instructors into the world. 


I like to think I’m the only speaker out there whose resume includes ‘killing’ cops in scenarios and being able to make a mean hollandaise sauce,” Bane says.


Michael Bane brings all these experiences into his talks — not just anecdotes, but with a life-changing message…you can do more! And he can show you how.

Michael Bane

Available for: Keynote/Banquet; Seminars/Breakout/Signings; Convention/Trade Shows

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