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My name is Sophie Swaney, and my passion for the outdoors started when I was a little girl on our family farm just outside of Memphis, Tennessee. Growing up on the farm, my Dad and my Grandfather introduced me to the world of hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors and I instantly loved it! Whether it was an early morning wake-up call to help Dad clean a deer, or to go cat-fishing with my Papa, you could always find me outside.


At 21 years old, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in the outdoor industry and I moved to North Carolina to enroll in Gunsmithing school. I was introduced to firearms at a young age on the farm, and from there an interest and passion grew for hunting and conservation. Since moving to North Carolina, I have had the opportunity to partner with amazing companies in the outdoor industry to help share our common passion of all things outdoors with those who also have a passion for it." 

Sophie Swaney

Available for: Seminars/Breakout/Signings; Convention/Trade Shows

Contact OSB for Ms. Swaney's fee & availability

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