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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of using OSB to book my professional speaker(s)?

A. There are no additional costs to use OSB to arrange your speaker booking. Our fee is paid by your speaker.

Q: How much do keynote or seminar speakers generally cost?
A: Speaker fees vary widely.   Speaker's fees vary based on popularity, availability and the event location and  requirements. Fees can range from $500 and up for local/regional speakers and industry events/banquets, to over $250,000 for top celebrities and retired politicians. Generally, fees for national keynote speeches begin around $2,000, with the average national keynote fee being about $7,500.   For celebrity speakers and top business experts, fees can range from $20,000 to $40,000 and up. In most cases, travel and lodging expenses are in addition to the speaker honorarium, including coach/business or first-class travel, accommodations and limited out-of-pocket expenses. 

Q: What type of speakers does OSB represent?
A: OSB only represents speakers with expertise in outdoor sports, such as hunting, fishing, shooting, and associated topics.   We offer informative and entertaining keynote speakers, television and print personalities, and top-rated seminar presenters.  In addition, OSB has access to outdoor-related professional athletes and celebrities, as well as politicians and policy makers that impact outdoor issues. 
Q: What does OSB do for its clients?
A: OSB is a full service speakers bureau, providing corporations, associations & chapters, and consumer & trade shows, with professional keynote and seminar speakers who captivate audiences with entertaining and informative material. Our bureau team includes professional administration support and contracting services to ensure you will receive superior customer service.  OSB will:

            -provide  access to the world's best outdoor speakers. If you already know who you want, we can locate, negotiate fees,             check availability, gather marketing information and contract any personality you are interested in. If you need                            suggestions, we can  research the options available and provide you with a short list to review.

            -pre-qualify the speakers we work with, so you know you are getting a qualified speaker with the expertise and                            communication skills to affect your audience. We have close relationships with our speakers and can check availability,              provide review material, and set up communications with your speaker to make the process fast and simple.


            -respond to your questions and needs quickly. Most speakers travel a great deal, have  little or no staff, and are                            sometimes difficult to reach. We are available and in touch with our speakers so we can get answers to your questions               as quickly as possible. And as we work with many speakers, we can find replacement talent at the last minute if needed             and negotiate special pricing.

            -make the booking process simple, as we handle every aspect of providing talent for your event.  Using OSB is like                       having an insurance policy for your event - we partner with you to make your event a success.

Q: How can I learn about a speaker before making my decision?
A: OSB will provide you with full biographies on your speaker(s) of interest, photographs, recent articles and press coverage, video segments, books and letters of recommendation from previous speaking engagements, to help you make an informed decision.

Q: Will I have the opportunity to make contact with the speaker prior to the engagement?
A: Yes. Most speakers are happy to talk the client prior to an engagement as their schedules allow. If you would like, ask OSB about the possibility of setting up a conference call to discuss your event needs. This gives you the opportunity to clarify the expectations of your audience and get to know the speaker on a more personalized basis.

Q: Can a book signing be arranged in conjunction with the event?
A: In most cases, yes.  The majority of our authors enjoy doing book signings at lecture engagements. Check with OSB to arrange a signing. Also, ask us about a book purchasing rider which can place you in direct contact with publishers to buy books at special discounted rates.

Q: Is it possible to video or audio tape the speaker?
A: Written permission must be obtained by the speaker prior to your event. Most speakers will agree to taping for internal organizational use only, in order to maintain intellectual property rights.

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