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J. Alain Smith is a full time big game hunter, television host, musician and author. Having published four hunting books and three adventure novels along with many magazine articles, his creative skills are now focused on his hit YouTube show Rugged Expeditions. One of the most prolific hunters ever, having collected over 360 different species from around the world, he continues to hunt and film over 200 days per year. His passion is hunting Cape Buffalo and the mountain species of wild sheep and goats, however North American game holds a special place in his heart, especially the wily whitetail deer. An avid conservationist J Alain Smith sits on several conservation organizations boards and supports their efforts both financially and thru volunteering his time.


J Alain Smith brings experience in the field and a dose of humor to your next event. Utilizing videos as well as a light hearted look at what it’s like to travel non-stop around the world, your audience will enjoy not only the fun part, but also the conservation message that is so important to get out to the public today.

Speech themes can range from;


What it’s Like to Hunt 200 days a Year

Why we Hunt

Hunters are the Greatest Conservationists

Why I Give Back to Conservation

Or the speech theme can be customized to your event.


J Alain Smith puts on dynamic seminars with questions and answer segments included with themes ranging from: What to Pack on Your Next Safari to How to Plan Your Mountain Hunts. 

J. Alain Smith

Available for: Keynote/Banquets; Seminar/Breakout; Convention/Trade Shows

Contact OSB for Mr. Smith's fee & availability

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