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"Born in the hunting capital of Wisconsin, Buffalo County, Shanyn started hunting when she was eleven years of age. Shanyn turned her upbringing and obsession for whitetail deer into a lifestyle dedicated to big game. After helping guide whitetail hunts in Buffalo County, WI for three years, Shanyn got back to hunting the majestic animals herself and has dedicated her life to finding a hunting farm on which she now resides. 400+ acres in Allamakee County, Iowa, that holds world class Boone & Crocket bucks.


Shanyn now dedicates her time to making her farm the best Whitetail Habitat. She has quickly become a name in the hunting industry as a Whitetail fanatic and is praised for recommendations about hunting gear and strategies. A firm believer in her faith she uses her platform to spread motivation, inspiration and trust in the Lord.

Beyond hunting and Instagram, Shanyn is a serial entrepreneur with multiple business ventures including real estate investing and a very successful social media marketing firm specializing in land real estate and the outdoor industry. Shanyn is not new to the game of public speaking, she has a history of speaking at benefit banquets, putting on break out sessions and seminars for the Realtor's Land Institute National Land Conference and held seminars at the Keller Williams Realty Annual Agent Retreat.

Shanyn continues to improve habitat and practice extreme conservation with her husband Jacob in Allamakee County, IA."

Shanyn Hart

Available for: Keynote/Banquet; Seminars/Breakout/Signings; Convention/Trade Shows.

Ms. Hart's fee is $2500 in US; $5000 Intl. Contact OSB for availibility

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